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Ramona resides with her husband in North Bay, Ontario. She finds inspiration to write and paint from her many adventures around 'the Bay' and time spent at the family cottage on Rose Island, Georgian Bay.
 Bragging Rights: Grandmother of Dylan and Rebekah who provide plenty of real life drama for many of her stories.  

Why do I love the cottage?

Is it because it reminds me of my childhood in the Central African Republic? Stay tuned and you'll hear more about this part of my life later on. 


Life is never boring during the summer months on Rose Island, but I think the reason it continues to be such a special place is because of the many spiritual truths God has taught me through His creation. Very much like the evening when Rebekah and I enjoyed a sunset and a game called UNO.

Someone once asked me, "Who has impacted your life in a meaningful way through their writing?"

My answer hasn't changed over the last four decades. It's C.S. Lewis. In fact I often reread the Chronicles of Narnia. A little while ago I decided to watercolor what I thought the main character might look like had I the chance to meet him in the magical land of Narnia. I'm sure it doesn't do him justice, since he is really the lion of Judah and prince of peace.







Illustration By Ramona Furst
The book published in late 2016

When Angel Hope publishing (Glynis Belec's company) agreed to publish Bobbi's  book,When The Bough Breaks. I was asked if I would be the illustrator.

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 It was a privilege to work with Bobbi, Glynis, their daughters Amanda Belec Newton and Andrea Archibald who are both talented graphic designers.

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